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What is SUP paddle board

Paddle sports

Paddle sports, which originated from paddle board surfing in Hawaii, USA, have become increasingly popular all over the world in recent years. SUP paddle board is one of the most popular water sports nowadays. It is called Stand Up Paddle (SUP) for short, so paddle board players are also SUPER!


All Around Stand Up Paddle Board


The popular trend of paddle board SUP is unstoppable. It is sought after by many professional surfers, celebrities and celebrities. Paddle board SUP sports can be seen in safe waters that can be found anywhere in the world. This trendy sport is constantly smashing many outdoor sports. Daren’s social platform leads the way.




Because it is simple, easy to play, play a lot, lying down, squatting, crouching, standing, sitting, jumping into the water at any time, paddle boards have gradually become popular in China in recent years; precisely because of its high participation and low threshold characteristics Even rookie players can start playing immediately. People involved in paddle boarding can go from kids to old people, and even your family's pet dogs can play together.


Inflatable 10'6" All Around Stand Up Paddle Board for women


The paddle board has a generous plate surface, which provides greater buoyancy and makes it easier to master the balance. The player has one more paddle in his hand and is propelled along various water surfaces. Paddle sports not only allow people to bathe in the sun, enjoy nature, but also get exercise. Imagine that you are both paddling on a swaying paddle board and trying to stay upright. It is said that almost every muscle in the body needs to be used. It is very good to exercise "core muscles" and of course it can also improve your sense of balance.


Yoga exercise on a pulp board


Safety: Participants wear life jackets, wear foot ropes, learn paddle board knowledge through explanations, provide coaches to lead the team, play in suitable weather waters, and so on.


Adaptability: The paddle board is suitable for safe rivers, rivers, lakes and sea waters, and the south area is suitable for playing water from April to November;


Hydrophilicity: squatting, crouching, standing, sitting, jumping into the water at any time to enter the water freely, but also very easy to return to sup;


Entertaining: Start with a process of balanced adaptation, adapting to falling water or trepidation in the process, which brings more pleasure than frustration. After getting started practicing turning, lateral strokes, walking on the board, turning on the board, and fancy tricks such as yoga on the board, falling into water or dancing is normal. It is a great pleasure for both the performers and the viewers.


Containment: Sup's open manned space is suitable for many people to ride together, enough capacity can even carry a family of three. This convenient condition makes this sport a good way for parents and children to communicate with each other and family. Wives and children can no longer perform spectators on the shore. In suitable water areas, they can also participate in the event. The family is happy and enjoyable.


How much paddle board equipment knows


How much paddle board equipment knows

Short board (9' 2.8 meters or less), suitable for surfing. With a longer board, the short board has better maneuverability. General children's surfboards are under 2.4 meters.

The medium board (9'-12' 2.8m-3.7m) is the ideal size for the multi-functional board. You can glide in the lake or simply surf in the sea.

Long board (12.6’-14’ 3.8m - 4.3m), suitable for races and water hike. Longer boards are faster than short and medium boards and are easier to slide straight. If you are interested in participating in a competition or hiking, you need a long board to race or glide over long distances to your camp.

Wide board (approximately 31'80 cm or wider): Wide boards have better stability than narrow boards and are easier to stand on. But the speed will be slower than the narrow board.

The narrow version (29′′-30′′ 74cm-76cm): The speed of the narrow board is faster than that of the long board, but the stability is worse.


Caudal fin:

Caudal fins increase water control and stability, and their types include:


Large single fins: These fins are mounted on a base and fixed with a small pin. There is a slot in the base to insert the fins.

Three fin settings: This setting is conducive to straight in the flat water, but also help control the ability to surf.

Competing caudal fins: These straight and hard fins are very helpful for moving forward on a long board in the wind. It can greatly enhance the board's ability to catch waves and flip.



The paddles of the skis generally have a sheath in the center of the cymbal to increase his strength. The paddle selected is generally 15-20 CM higher than the user. (Some other manufacturers recommend 20-25CM higher)

paddle board size chart

how to use paddle board


Foot rope:

The foot rope can connect you with your board. If you fall into the water, you can quickly approach the board. Skis are a good floater that can, to a certain degree, guarantee your safety.


life jacket:

Before going into the water, check the integrity of your life jacket and the adjustment function of each part. Always wear a life jacket in the water to prevent any time of slackness and safety.


Suitable clothing:

When the day is cold, wear waterproof or quick-drying clothing to prevent hypothermia. When the temperature is OK, you can wear a T-shirt or swimwear and the like can wear more comfortable clothing.

personal items:


Snorkeling shoes or flippers, sunscreen, sunglasses, long sleeves, sunhat, water or drink

Paddle board classification

Paddle board movement develops and differentiates into many different forms of sports. In the still water environment, there is paddle board fitness, paddle board travel, paddle board racing, paddle board yoga; paddle board white water rafting and paddle board sea in non-hydrostatic environment surf.

Paddle board classification


ALL-ROUND: Usually wider, larger, and larger than other boards, it is generally more stable than other boards and is suitable for beginners to enjoy themselves on flat waters.

SURF (Surf): Shorter than other boards, it is ideal for surfing with SUP and white water in the river. Can do some cool surfing with the paddle, not suitable for beginners.

TOURING (Travel): It is longer than the general board. It is designed for long-distance and rapid watering. It is suitable for long distances of several kilometers in the Great Lakes and the Bay. Novices can also accept it.

RACING: Longer, narrower and more pointed, the fastest SUP for game design goals. Only when you reach a relatively fast forward, the board will have better stability and is not suitable for novices.

YOGA (Yoga): The version is similar to ALL-ROUND, but it will be longer. There is a soft top to do yoga on the board. There are also places on the board where you can attach your exercise equipment such as elastic bands, etc. Attach the anchor to prevent it from being carried away by the current.

Inflatable: This board can be of any shape, but the ALL-ROUND version is mostly inflatable and can be carried in a backpack. In addition, this board is not the soft feel of the lifebuoy. There is a support material, and it is definitely not the feeling of stepping on a balloon. Of course, it is softer than ordinary plastic or wood.


Paddle board game


  • Paddleboards are safe, easy to play, fun, and satisfy all expectations for water sports!
  • Standing on a row, slowly admiring the invincible scenery of the lake, the blue sky and the clear water coexist, and the paddle boards are all in one color.
  • Sit on a row, master the best balance, and swim with the fish near you.
  • Take advantage of the strokes, half way, half balance, half core power, speed and passion!
  • Taking advantage of the strokes, life does not require paddles, relying on both hands to wave, people and board one, speed forward.
  • Lying down to relax, a paddle board Ge You lying, the entire blue sky and white clouds of Wanlv Lake in sight.

paddle board game

some one wants to know how to play paddle board

Can also be part of the double paddle, couples paddle board, paddle paddle board, parent paddle, paddle board yoga, team puzzles, multi-board racing, etc., waiting for you to unlock more paddle board fun!


Paddleboard skills


Standing on the board:


If you are playing for the first time, it is best to choose calm water and there are no ships and floating objects around. At the beginning, it's easier to stand up than stand up.

1. Place the board in shallow water, stand next to the board, and insert the paddle into the water.

2. Both hands grip the middle edge of the paddle board and one hand always holds the paddle.

3, slammed into the middle of the paddle, feel the balance point, paddle board head will not tilt, the tail will not sink into the water.

4. Hold one side of the paddle by hand to stabilize it.

5, ready, first stand up one foot, the way knees squatting, but also allow friends to help stand up on the paddle board


Swim posture:

When you stand up, how do you balance on the paddle and start padding?

1, feet to stand in parallel, standing in the middle of the paddle board, feet standing on the edge of the paddle.

2, keep the toes forward, knees bent, back straight.

3, use the buttocks to maintain balance, keep the head and shoulders straight and stable, use the buttocks to adjust the position of the center of gravity.

5, look ahead, don't just stare at your feet.

6, as with riding a bicycle, when it moves forward, it is easier to balance.


Paddle Tips:

Paddle board balance is good, you can really enjoy paddle board fun.

Here are some tips for paddle boarding:

1. When sliding on the right side, the right hand holds the lower part of the paddle and the left hand holds the upper part of the paddle.

2. The curvature of the propeller head is back to you, and the opposite direction will affect the direction of the slide.

3, keep the arm straight, feel paddling with the body, abdominal core power play a greater role than the arm.

4. When paddling, use the upper hand to push the upper handle forward.

5, first insert the paddle into the water, and then force it to pull down the ankle, the water.

6, if you want to draw a little straight, the paddles paddle against the paddle board edge, you can side 4 or 5 times to change sides.

paddle board tips


Turning skills:

There are many simple ways to turn while rowing.

1, advance paddle control method: As the name implies, you can use paddles to paddle on one side to turn. On the left side, the paddle board turns to the right, and the paddle moves outwards, the greater the turn.

2, tail paddle method: You can paddle in the opposite direction on both sides of the tail, adjust the direction.

3, sweeping paddle method: the longest distance of the paddle reaches the front of the paddle, vigorously draw water, the paddle gradually draw a semi-circular shape from the head to the end of the board.


Fall into the water Note:

Paddle boards are actually very good at learning, but they also need to be prepared for what is often impossible to avoid.

1. Drop the water for the first time to ensure its own safety. Do not stop the tail to avoid scratching the tail fins. Grasp the handle water from the middle of the paddle.

2. If your board and paddle leave you at the same time, grab the board first, and then paddle the board to find the paddle. (Places that can use foot rope will be much better.)


this summer, play paddle board with us.


The summer without playing water is incomplete, and the summer without paddle board is the same! Playing paddles in summer is a group of interesting souls who stage water speed and passion!

If you want to buy a paddle board , please visit this link, click here!


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