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During the summer of 2015 three college buddies (Gerald, Lucia & Michael) at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania took a break from their MBA studies. Even though they had gone to The Wharton School on full scholarships, they endured the usual personal financial hardships experienced by many college students. Being young and curious they enjoyed the outdoors as best they could on The Schuylkill River near UPenn. They first tried stand up paddling.

For them, paddling seemed to be an effective way to capture all that nature had to offer and create lasting bonds. One thing they realized from the start –they loved and enjoyed it. Over the next two years, the outdoors paddling, swimming, skiing, hunting and doing everything they could to be on the water. they love the water so much, that keep the love & enjoyment in their mind all the time.

As the happy paddleboard lovers continued to college life, but things began to click. A start-up company idea was put forward, they enjoyed the paddling and loved the “idea"…but didn’t like the paddleboards, both form and function, they were all basically unstable, undurable and expensive. All of the boards they tried were the same thing but with a different name. It was around that time that they looked at each other and said, “What if we use our knowledge and experience to create a paddleboard company and make awesome board that everybody can afford”

Because they wanted a board that was stable and durable enough to tour and race on the water, yet paddled efficiently with low cost. A board that could hold a waterproof bag for their articles. A board that was simple, fresh and friendly to earth. A board that virtually anybody at any age could paddle with ease. It needed the capabilities of a boat with the simplicity of a board. And, it needed to look good…really good.

So…They left their successful MBA careers and started making their paddleboards in early 2017, or what they decided to call “WOWSEA”. All they had for funding was a cashed in part-time salary while MBA study, no R&D, no resources and a shit-ton of hard work ahead of them.

For the beginning, they always asked themselves one issue: WHO WE ARE? How to make awesome board that everybody can afford? Through the past good education and training in MBA, they got there are three things can be done

  • Create A Consumer-Driven Organization
  • Dedicated to Consumer’s Happiness
  • Make A Difference in This Industry

First one: Create A Consumer-Driven Organization

In early 2017, WOWSEA was launched and incorporated in USA, to provide complete sales, marketing and support services throughout the Amazon Site. WOWSEA today markets its products through an extensive internet network or dealer network serving the United States, UK, German, French, Japan, China and 50+ countries world over.

As a company, the first priority is to meet its consumers’ requirements for affordability and friendly to earth as well as for innovative, high-quality products that perform reliably, by gathering talents and investing in R&D to promote consistent good experience in paddleboard tour and race.

Second one: Dedicated to Consumer’s Happiness

With factory direct sourcing and efficient business practices… WOWSEA could pass the savings on to the consumers. Then, any average sup lovers could enjoy the best in class sup board without breaking the bank, providing them with durable products with 30-40% costs less than other brands, while no impact on the environment.

WOWSEA future success is based on helping consumers to love and enjoy such lifestyle so every time the more they love, the faster WOWSEA grows.

Third One: Make A Difference in this industry

5G is coming, WOWSEA has been developing the data system of intelligent learning, intelligent operation, intelligent management, want to create an outdoor brand vertical ecology, will be first by WOWSEA?

For example1: Using JIT (just in time) supply line tactics to keep a steady flow of inventory coming in, keeping inventory levels at an optimum, and operation costs down, that reach the factory direct concept of eliminating middlemen such as export/import agents, freight forwarders, warehouse distributors, and wholesalers in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) was working

For example2: WOWSEA products are developed through feedback from the paddling community directly to the manufacturing floor -- “Designed by users for users”. It’s an inverse of the manufacturer to customer formula (M2C). Input from users and the WOWSEA R&D team delivers the paddleboard features or outdoor vertical ecology related products that users want and need.

WOWSEA has been always about low cost, not low quality, for the best product value to define a lifestyle. Making a difference!

Today WOWSEA stays true to its roots by producing high-quality, innovative paddleboard with the needs of consumers in mind, offering them around the world at prices that are affordable. WOWSEA slogan: Love Enjoy My Lifestyle.

CEO & Founder
Gerald Zhao


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