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What is SUP paddle board

Paddle sports, which originated from paddle board surfing in Hawaii, USA, have become increasingly popular all over the world in recent years. SUP paddle board is one of the most popular water sports nowadays. It is called Stand Up Paddle (SUP) for short, so paddle board players are also SUPER!

Why we need one Ischial Tuberosity seat cushion?

Office workers' women stay in the office every day and sit in front of a computer. As time passes, they cause the hips to expand and affect the body type.So ,how to choose one ischial tuberosity seat cushion is our Concerned.

Storage and Selection

The parts and playing methods of the SUP boards are introduced. Today, we introduce the storage methods of the paddleboard...

More use of paddling styles

In the last article, we introduced the basic equipment for paddle boards, including paddleboard, paddle, leash, backpack, and PFD. So,...

The World Swept SUP

Due to its high degree of participation and easy-to-use features, SUP has quickly become popular throughout the world.

First of all

As the outdoor field of the rookie, we strive to do for everyone to help the community, I hope you will not hesitate to give guidance!


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