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Storage and Selection

The parts and playing methods of the SUP boards are introduced. Today, we introduce the storage methods of the paddleboard and how to choose the most suitable board.

1. Storage of paddleboards

Before buying paddleboard, many people are very concerned about how to store them. In order to keep your paddleboard in good condition and extend its service life, you need to avoid exposing it to sunlight and high temperature when not in use. No matter what climate zone you live in, you are strongly advised to store your paddleboards in a cooler room when not in use.
No matter what type of paddleboard you use, you should avoid direct sunlight when storing. If you have epoxy boards, it is recommended to store them in cardboard bags, as this helps prevent scratches, bumps and other damage. If it is an inflatable board, it can be put into the bag after being deflated and can be inflated in a cardboard bag. The key is to put your SUP board in a cool, safe and protected place.

2. How to find the most cost-effective paddleboards

There are plenty of SUP board brands to choose from, so it seems hard to find perfect paddleboards. The key is to cross the business marketing and return to the basic level to understand exactly what each brand provides. The main factors to consider when choosing a brand are the price of the board, guarantee and customer service because they are usually the direct reflection of the brand.
① Price
What most people are most concerned about is the price of the board. You don't want a super expensive board, but you certainly don't want to buy a cheap board to save money. It is important to do some research to compare your selected paddleboards and brands. In comparison, the cost performance of factory direct selling is high, there is no agent in the middle, the price will come down a lot, and the service is also direct guidance, but the agent may give an irrelevant answer.
② Purchase guarantee
Buying a paddleboard is an investment, and the last thing you want to do is buy a board that you don't like. For this reason, you should find the right board for you. The best way is to make a trial before buying. If you have no conditions, you'd better choose the basic paddle. Of course, some brands have very good purchase protection, such as the policy of time limit return.
③ Customer service
Customer service should first serve every customer because it reflects his overall business level and his past and potential customers' evaluation of him.


The more research you do, the more information you will get, which will determine whether you can find the best paddle for you.

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