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The World Swept SUP

Stand-up paddling, which originated from paddleboard surfing in Hawaii, USA, has become a popular sport in recent years. A 2013 American Sports Report pointed out that SUP has become the most attempted sport in all outdoor sports. "It can capture the hearts of anyone who loves water sports," said Matt Millich, editorial director of the sports adventure news weekly Surfing. "The paddleboard is different from surf, and the paddleboard is more generous and provides greater buoyancy, makes it easier for the operator to master the balance, and with an additional paddle in his hand, which effectively avoids the two most difficult surfing techniques of the athlete's arm skiing and support, that is, the rookie player can also get on immediately. And surfing must be completely different when there are waves. The paddle can be accelerated by paddling even when there is no wave. Therefore, even in rivers and lakes inland, paddle movement can still be performed, equivalent to standing on a rowing boat and has obvious exercise effects on the body. Due to its high degree of participation and easy-to-use features, SUP has quickly become popular throughout the world.
At present, SUP's popularity is unstoppable in the global warm coastal resorts. SUP lovers can be seen in safe waters that can be found anywhere in the world. This is a kind of paddle board movement that is environment-friendly without burning oil, without machinery, purely by human effort, and natural integration. In the summer coastline, a unique landscape is formed.
a set of paddleboard equipment
A set of paddleboard equipment includes paddleboard, paddle, fin, the leash. The leash connects the person and the board so that each player will not leave the board too far even if it falls into the water, and the board will always be a buoy, which acts as a life-saving function, so the SUP is safe. But lifejackets must be worn if they are water-based or do not have swimming experience in the sea.
A waterproof camera is naturally indispensable. More famous GoPro professional sports camera, the price is slightly higher, the image quality is good, the functions and accessories are quite complete. It can be purchased in many fields, including online shopping.
Under normal conditions, paddles are suitable for wind speeds of less than 8 knots. The wind speed exceeds 8 knots for experienced players, and the line is developed in advance according to the wind speed, and paddling by the wind.
Paddles are divided into hard boards, soft boards, and inflatable boards. Its performance and function are slightly different. The hardboard is made of glass-reinforced plastic and epoxy resin, and also has carbon fiber and epoxy resin. With the development of science and technology, more and more materials are being used in the production of paddleboards, including cores of aramid fiber and fiber felt. The soft board core communicates with the hard board, and the surface is changed to PVC material, which has the different touch. The biggest advantage of inflatable boards is that they are easy to carry and transport. A small cart can plug dozens of packed inflatable boards. Compared to hard boards which must be mounted on the roof rack, the inflatable boards are particularly portable. Let each owner carry his own board, drive his own car, go wherever he wants to go, and go down to every surface he wants to go down.
inflatable board is particularly portable

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