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More use of paddling styles

In the last article, we introduced the basic equipment for paddle boards, including paddleboard, paddle, leash, backpack, and PFD. So, what can be done in addition to cruising on the water? Let me introduce you to some interesting ways of playing.
Paddleboard surfing
Most of the paddleboard surfers use hard boards. They have better stability than surfboards and they have some special movements. Inflatable boards can also be surfed, but the speed can't go up, because the inflatable boards are larger and more difficult to control. The boards are in the form of large heads and small tails, like the whale.

Kitesurfing is one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. The kites here are different from the paragliding kites. The airfoil and keel of the kite are inflated and can fly again even if they fall on the water. Is a thin two-way board, easy to do a variety of fancy moves when you jump in the air, so kitesurfing is not a paddle sport~

Windsurfing is a surface project between sailing and surfing. Athletes use the natural wind blowing on the sails to control the speed of the board, change the wind center of the velamen and the center of gravity of the board to turn around. Part of the paddle boards will have a hole to mount mast, so you can expect.

It must be said that these kinds of movements must be carried out on the open water. The restrictions are great. Is there any project in the closer river? Don't worry, they are coming~

The most common application in ordinary families is the basic board, 10 ‘6 board, to adapt to various environments, the stability is good.

The travel board is a bit narrower and longer than the regular board, which saves energy for long-distance travel and provides sufficient stability. Bring some daily necessities, you can paddle on the water for several days, the great river and the lake are wide and calm, the rillet is lonely and novel, each has its own unique style.
The racing board is the narrowest. In order to provide enough buoyancy, the racing board is relatively long, shuttle-like, and pursues the ultimate speed.
The white water board is the widest board in the single board. The so-called white water refers to the turbulent stream. In this kind of water environment, the most important thing is stability.
To do yoga depends on the balance of the individual, an ordinary board is enough. Of course, there is professional yoga board, stability is better, available area is also relatively large.
Can also be used as the fishing board, an exclusive one, enjoy the leisurely time.
There is also a large board, enough for 6-8 people to draw together on the top, enough to make friends in the water, pleasantly happy.
There are only things that you cannot imagine, yet nothing you cannot achieve., there are many new ways to wait for you to discover!

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