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To-The-Trade Terms of Sale & Returns

Designers and to-the-trade buyers must be registered in advance with business information on file. Register your account accompanied by email to us with EIN and business info. If you have not received confirmation from us within 24 hours of having registered, we may not convert your account - simply reach out to wowseastore@gmail.com

Terms of sale and return policies are the same as for our retail buyers, with the following exceptions:

  • Designers are welcome to try out multiple carpets. In the event that half or more than half of the quantity/value of the order is returned designers and/or their clients are responsible for all shipping costs.
  • 5 day return period based on tracking delivery and tracking return in the mail.
  • First-time transactions must be processed with a credit card. Subsequent transactions may go out on memo with terms of full payment by credit card on the fifth day, or full payment received by the tenth day if issuing a cashier's check or payment method other than credit card/money wire.
  • Top tier designer pricing requires that all shipping be paid for by consignee, whether by riding on consignees shipping account or by paying shipping costs through us.
  • All sales to wholesale accounts (different than to-the-trade designers) are "final sale". 

All to-the-trade accounts are re-evaluated on an annual and transactional basis. The higher volume of closed sales may be treated closer to wholesale accounts and pricing tiers.


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